Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers


For fans of Amari and the Night Brothers and Nevermoor, join Rim on a musical adventure, inspired by the Pied Piper fairy tale, as he discovers his lost magical culture and finds his place in a new world.

Rim Wickford has never ridden in a flying ferry boat, had a tornado clean his room, or gotten in mounds of trouble by a mischievous weasel, because Rim is the kind of kid who always does what he is told and never gets into trouble. Until one day, when he plays a musical pipe and his entire school falls to the ground like their souls were snatched.

With one note, the secret his uncle kept from him for years is out, and Rim is quickly swept into the quirky and colorful hidden world of Pipers, persons who can turn melody into magic.

But Rim soon learns he is different, even among Pipers, because he is a Pied Piper, the kind of Piper that’s vilified and targeted in the Piper world. His best chance of blending in is acceptance into an exclusive Piper Association where all members are protected from harm.

Forced to hide his Pied identity while mastering his new powers, Rim must pass a series of magical, musical trials. But what he is hiding just might be the very thing he needs to succeed. 

From the Author: I wrote Pied so kids can embrace all aspects of their heritage and not feel the need to hide any part because everything that makes you, you, is very cool.