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A little bit about me

I have my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Master's in Mechanical Engineering, and got my B.S in Mechanical Engineering from the little HBCU with the best band in the land, Prairie View A&M University. I worked as a visiting Post Doctoral researcher at Yale University and a Post Doctoral scientist at Nationwide Children's hospital, all set for a life of research and repeat.

After several years of that, we realized a Publish or Perish lifestyle wasn't for us. So my husband and I decided to give up that life, sell all our belongings, and travel North America with our teeny tiny family in our teeny tiny truck camper. Hands down the best decision, ever. 

I wrote a good amount during that time, often inspired by national parks, being in nature, and our travels, and can't wait to show you what stories await.

SHORT BIO #1 (97 words, 586 characters)

Avione Lee is a classically trained engineer, an Odyssey Fellow, an inaugural Madeleine Milburn Mentorship Fellow, and a Pitch Wars alum. She loves traveling, writing, and brainstorming story ideas. To make things a bit interesting, in 2022, she started learning Taekwondo at a gym in her town (and it's so hard, ha!). She is currently working on her novel Pied, which was picked for the Madeleine Milburn fellowship. You can find her outdoors somewhere, nose deep in a book, sinking into the latest Marvel show, or thinking about possibly watching a horror movie, maybe. (Or maybe not)

EVEN SHORTER BIO #2 (52 words, 279 characters)

Avione Lee was born and raised in Texas, as indicated by her excessive use of the word y’all. As a kid, she loved reading Sunday comics (a very, very, extremely short graphic novel you got weekly); as an adult, she loves reading almost anything. You can find her with a good book.

THE SHORTEST BIO OF ALL #3 (15 words, 70 characters)

Avione Lee is a writer from Texas. You can find her with a good book.

Photo Credit: Monika Normand